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Massimo Gismondi, Chairman of the Board of Directors

In 1994 Massimo Gismondi became a partner of the company Fratelli Gismondi S.n.c., alongside his uncle Ferdinando Gismondi, the last craftsman of the sixth generation of the Gismondi family. Then in 2004 he became founder of the company Gismondi Gioielli S.r.l., specialised in the production and sale of jewellery.

In 2019 he took over the shares of the company Stelle S.r.l. operating in the purchase and sales of jewels, in which he was already sole director. The Group is currently made up of four direct boutiques, 1 franchise shop, and 12 corners in the USA, Italy and Russia. Massimo Gismondi is head of the Group.

Stefano Rocca, General Director

Twenty years experience both in management of Bulgari S.p.A. and in Italian businesses (shop manager, international sales manager, trade marketing manager) and international companies (quality and development manager for the areas of Europe, Middle East and Africa, group internal communications and training manager).

He was also a contracted lecturer in marketing at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, and for seven years acted as a consultant for management, and marketing for various companies in the luxury goods sector (Bulgari, Chopard, Ferragamo, Mercedes Italia).

For three years he also held the role as sales, marketing and product development manager for Richard Ginori. He has been a member of the BoD, managing director for organisation development and the retail channel in Europe and the Middle East of La Casa Vhernier S.p.A. and De Vecchi Milano S.p.A.

Alberto Gaggero, CFO

Holds the role of temporary management in the administration, finance and management control sectors. He has been in this role since 2002 for a number of groups operating in particular in the packaging, automotive and robotic sectors.

Andrea Canonici, Independent Director

Holds the role of chartered accountant since 2002 and auditor since 2003, providing business, corporate and tax consultancy services to Italian companies in international groups. Present and past roles of statutory auditor, internal auditor, and member of the supervisory body, as well as administrator in companies and authorities, some of which on the stock market or part of shareholding groups operating in a variety of sectors.

Giovanni Palma, Consigliere Indipendente

Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Contabile. Socio Fondatore dello studio di consulenza fiscale societaria “Studio Palma Dottori Commercialisti e Associati”. Consulente fiscale e Societario, Sindaco e Consigliere di Amministrazione di numerose Società.


Luca Verdino, Auditor

Expert in tax, corporate, accounting, financial and administrative consultancy services for companies and individual businesses. Present and past roles as auditor, auditor for shareholding companies and public authorities and technical consultant to the Court.

Gianfranco Bertolini, Chairman of the Board of Auditors

Registered as a member of Chartered Accountants since 1988, he founded the Associate Practice Bertolini e Statuto in 1995. He provides routine and extraordinary services (mergers, divisions, and acquisitions) and administration, corporate and tax consultancy services for shareholding companies, individuals, consortia and cooperatives. He currently holds the role as Treasurer on the Board of the Association of Chartered and Qualified Accountants of Genoa

Miriano Pirero, Auditor

Has held the role as effective auditor in a variety of companies, and managing director in corporate consultancy companies, actively participating in company restructuring processes and drafting of business plans.

Riccardo Costa, Alternate Auditor

Holds a role as consultant on tax, corporate, accounting, financial and administrative matters for companies and individuals as well as past and present roles as auditor.

Barbara Pirero, Alternate Auditor

Since 2004, both as an individual and as a partner, has held roles as tax and corporate consultant. Has also acted as auditor for local authorities.


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